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Water Quality Services

PUREONE offers Water Quality Technical Services that range from water sourcing, to water disposal and waste water reclamation services. Our engineering team has resolved water problems in both domestic and international operations. Project locations have included Brazil, Guyana, Libya, Mexico, the Neutral Zone, Peru, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom (UK), United States, and Venezuela. Our key personnel have advanced degrees, have published extensively, and have been in the commercial consulting business for many years. Key personnel have lived in nine different countries, and have worked extended periods in at least 17 different countries. Water projects have ranged from a single water supply well to a 178 million gallon water recharge project.

The PUREONE Water Quality Services Team is not a civil engineering design team, but a problem-solving team that is multidisciplinary in composition. The PUREONE Team specializes in promoting team work within Client organizations. This is vital to the economic success of any water project. The PUREONE Team also believes in, and practices, the prevention of problems while incorporating and integrating good environmental practices into problem solving.

The diverse nature of water usage across the globe yields a wealth of site-specific problems having to do with a specific water and/or its application. Our engineers have been involved in such diverse projects as setting water quality standards for underground water injection projects, pilot testing special filters for brackish waters, degreasing of pump station wetwell sidewalls for sewage pumping stations, evaluating problems with agricultural water supply wells and their water composition, and resolving microbiological or bacterial problems in water wells. Water projects have included demineralized water, drinking water, agricultural supply water, reclaimed water, salt water, and sea water.

The Water Quality Services Team can work with Clients in incorporating new product usage into existing water, waste water, or sewage systems. For example, our team can implement usage of PUREONE’s Digester-ST which is a biocatalytic system of preformed enzymes in a liquid concentrate. This product is harmless to humans, animals, marine life and the environment. It is an environmentally sound, and cost effective approach, that will not interfere with municipal water treatment processes. The product requires no complicated, or labor intensive, installation.

Because the product is effective at low concentrations, on the order of parts per million, the solution is extremely cost-effective. For example, the Digester-ST can be metered into waste effluent flow to reduce the biological oxygen demand, or to remove fats, oil and grease trapped on sidewalls or in drain areas. Removal of the organics also removes the unpleasant odors associated with many drain lines, grease traps, settling basins, or septic tanks. The product is also effective for odor removal for sewage that has been spilled into a contained area because of a line break.

In summary, the Water Quality Services Team offers practical, environmentally-friendly solutions that are cost effective. The emphasis of our team is on "practical" and "cost-effective." Our engineers have world-wide field experience with a diverse range of water problems, water projects, and different types of waters.

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