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Our Service

PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE is an environmentally safe alternative for clean drains, grease traps and septic tanks. PURE ONE ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS has developed a maintenance program for Drains and Grease Traps that eliminates the necessity for expensive cleaning and pumping of grease traps, and the use of caustic and dangerous chemicals.

An initial jetting or cable cleaning of the system begins the process. A shock treatment inoculation of PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE Products starts the Biocatalytic action that breaks down the grease and stimulates the metabolism of natural bacteria that then consumes the unwanted, odor causing bacteria that build-up in drains and Grease Traps, causing blockage and odor.

Regular maintenance of the Grease Trap system by PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE at non-peak usage times, keeps the natural bacterial process going. If your Drain and Grease Trap are not clean, the process begins with the shock treatment inoculation of PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE PRODUCT.

Licensed, bonded plumbing contractors are employed by PURE ONE ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS to do the initial jetting or cable cleaning of the system. If, for any reason, another cleaning is necessary, PURE ONE’s warranty states that its plumbing contractors perform this service. This warranty only applies when a PUREONE representative services the Drain and Grease Trap. We must be sure that the proper amount of the PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE PRODUCTS are used to maintain that ALL IMPORTANT BACTERIAL STIMULATION. You may choose to treat your Drain and Grease Trap yourself. However, in that case, no warranty is provided.

The Government is becoming far more stringent in their enforcement of Laws that pertain to the use of unsafe chemicals. Everything that goes down the Drain adds to the deadly pollution of our Oceans and water supplies. PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE PRODUCTS not only clean unwanted Bacteria and Grease from Drains and Traps, it continues to clean as it goes through the sewer system and ultimately out to sea.

PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE uses a natural, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable plant extract. In fact it is a Sea Plant. Its natural assimilation back into the ocean completes the environmental cycle. Only things that can go naturally back into the Earth or the Ocean, are truly environmentally safe.


Add up your Grease Trap pumping bills for the past year. Have a PURE ONE ENVIRONMENTAL service representative give you a quote for our service. You being the judge will see that signing a one year contract with us will bring you substantial savings!!! We are sure you will find PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE is a safe, effective and economical alternative.


We assume all responsibility for the Grease Trap. We also guarantee there will be no accumulation in your Grease Trap. Should our service fail and a pumping service is required, we take full responsibility and have this pumping done free of charge.

Benefits of our Service

PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE uses only all natural, organic sea-plant cultivated plant extract and purified water. There are No chemical additives and the product is Non-toxic. Certified safe to the Environment, pets and People!!!

Cleans Out Your Grease Trap Effectively

ECONOMICAL. PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE provides economical, cost effective preventive maintenance for all Grease Trap and Septic systems.

RELIABLE. PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE & Products provide a natural & economical way of maintaining your Grease Trap. You can count on it. No harsh chemicals & no costly pumping will ever be needed when PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE & Products are used. We service each Grease Trap several times per month & record these results upon inspection. This data is fed in to our computers & a record is maintained as to the condition of your Grease Trap at all times.

SAFE. PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE is EPA cleared to be 100% non-toxic to bacteria, fish, plants, animals and people.

WHAT IT IS. PUREONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE uses a Biocatalytic system consisting of a unique concentration of biologically derived agents in a low surface tension base. PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE uses a product resulting from years of extensive research and testing representing the latest in modern biological technology.

Why this Service Works

PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE uses products that act as a catalyst which immediately stimulates the metabolism and growth of microorganisms, accelerating nature’s biodegrading process at an exceedingly rapid rate. The PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products act by stimulating the metabolism of microorganisms. This stimulation is quite general and affects aerobic, anaerobic and facultative organisms. This enhanced metabolism enables bacteria to rapidly degrade grease and oil into carbon dioxide, water and simple salts. This enhanced action also quickly eliminates putrefactive odors and even certain chemical odors. PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products also enable microorganisms to metabolize certain organic compounds such as phenolics, chlorinated hydrocarbons and amines, which are normally very slowly metabolized.

PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE uses natural products which can resolve grease trap, sewer line, and cesspool problems. PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products are derived from a sea plant extract and microorganisms, containing three classes of ingredients which are active in these applications. It contains several types of wetting agents (one of these is colloid extracted from these sea plants) and critical nutrients for the growth of bacteria. These nutrients consist of essential micro elements, peptides and vitamins.

Questions about our Service

WHAT IS PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE? PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE uses products that are natural, non-toxic and a 100% biodegradable plant extract prepared by a special technique to preserve the potency of a newly discovered cell stimulant. A liquid concentrate, organic nutrient, bio-catalytic agent.


WHY IS PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE REQUIRED? Most grease traps, sewer lines, and cesspools, have a complete population of microorganisms which potentially are capable of digesting organic matter. Unfortunately, under most natural conditions, the bacteria quickly become inhibited by metabolic products and thereafter perform at a very low metabolic rate. To return the microorganisms back to their normal optimal rate, a special stimulant is needed. This is provided by PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE.

PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE is all natural and is not a synthetic chemical. There are no harmful materials used!

IS THE STIMULATION BY PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE NATURAL? The cell stimulant in PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products are the same stimulant which is present in microorganisms, plant cells and animal cells. When used as directed, it will increase the metabolism of a cell to its normal maximal rate. However, in contrast to an untreated population of microorganisms in which the metabolic rate generally falls off rapidly to a very low level, microorganisms treated with a continuous supply of PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products maintain the maximal metabolic rate as long as it is added to the system.

IS THE STIMULANT IN PUREONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE STABLE? PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products maintain their potency under normal storage conditions for many years. Although the actual stimulant is very labial, the precursor form is very stable. During the conditions of normal use of PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products, the stable precursor changes into the active stimulant.


WHAT IF I ADD MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICALS? If Clorox, quartenary ammonium detergents or chelating agents are dumped into the trap, this will adversely affect the microbiological operation of the trap. In these cases, if the proper bacterial micro flora does not re-establish itself spontaneously when the use of the offending chemicals is discontinued, it might be necessary to re-inoculate the trap.

Safety of our Service

SAFETY OF PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE. Being made from natural products which have for many years been recognized as safe and which have in fact been used as components of food products, PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE uses one of the safest materials available. Since PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products are a potential source of cell regulator, the effect on the microorganism depends upon the concentration used. In fact, the dose response would be similar to that of any hormone. At abnormally high concentrations, PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products will suppress metabolism in cells; at lower levels it will very markedly stimulate the metabolism of cells.

PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE Products are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) cleared to be 100% non-toxic to fish, plants, animals, and people. PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE Products act by stimulating the metabolism of microorganisms. This stimulation acts to destroy unwanted bacteria, and breakdown grease and oil.

Trouble Free Grease Traps

GREASE TRAP INTERACTORS. To the average person, a grease trap is an unromantic subject; something which is required by the city building codes, but is a fascinating, dynamic assemblage of interacting microorganisms. It contains many species of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, protozoa and occasionally molds. This complex interaction of microorganisms is constantly changing, as affected by the load to the trap varies, fluctuations of the pH in the trap, the addition of cleaning and disinfecting agents and changes in the temperature of the water in the trap itself.

The type of organisms that will predominate depends on many factors. Most important is the type of micronutrients available. Certain bacteria, especially aerobic bacteria, requires more microelements to act as the co-factors than do the anaerobic bacteria. If the supply of these nutrients is low, other bacteria which do not require as large an amount of these micronutrients become dominant. Sometimes, a strain of bacteria or mold will liberate sufficient amount of antibiotics to repress the growth of other microorganisms. At other times, protozoa, which graze on bacteria, will develop so prolifically that they will reduce the population of desirable bacteria.

To successfully degrade the grease to carbon dioxide and other simple breakdown products which can flow harmlessly from the trap, the presence of a large population of aerobic bacteria of a particular type is required. One function of PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE is to encourage the growth of these bacteria by providing both micronutrients as well as an additional supply of vitamins.

Even the protozoa play an important role in the successful operation of the grease trap. Since they are rather indiscriminate feeders on bacteria, they always tend to reduce the total bacterial population, an undesirable result. However, if we stimulate the growth of a particular type of bacterium, then the constant harvesting of all types of bacteria by the protozoa will favor the growth of the more rapidly dividing bacteria. Thus, the protozoa can actually help to bias the microflora towards the aerobic type. These are the ones which PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products are stimulating.

Factors involved in a Successful Operation

A GOOD INOCULATION. Since only a few bacteria can break down grease rapidly enough so that they are able to cope with the daily addition of grease to the trap, it is critical to have a large population of the desirable types of bacteria growing vigorously in the tank. Normally, any grease trap will contain a wide spectrum of bacteria including both the desirable and the less desirable ones. Therefore, for most grease traps, the operator need not add specific bacteria. However, if for some reason the desirable types of bacteria are lacking, the operator may find it advantageous to add a culture of the desirable bacteria to the trap.

MICRONUTRIENTS. The kitchen waste flowing into a grease trap supplies an abundance of potential nutrients which must be decomposed by the microorganisms. What is generally lacking is a critical supply of microelements and microstimulants, such as vitamins and growth factors. One of the principal functions of PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE is to supply these micronutrients in a balanced from. In addition, the natural wetting agents in the PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products enhance the rate that the nutrients penetrate into the grease layer where they furnish the bacteria with a critically required supply of micronutrients.

SYSTEM APPLICATION. Another critical factor is the supplying of these micronutrients on a regular basis. This permits the development of a predominantly aerobic group of bacteria. By systematic application of PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products during the hour when the flow of kitchen waste into the grease trap is at a low level optimizes the product’s use and waste breakdown.

TIME. Although there will generally be an immediate benefit from adding PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products to a grease trap, the long term benefit may take several weeks or longer to completely develop. The length of time will depend on the initial number of desirable organisms in the tank, and the relative proportion of less desirable organisms, the amount of oxygen in the water, the pH of the solution and the temperature. Low temperatures retard the growth of all bacteria.

TEMPERATURE. If the treatment of the trap is started in the cold part of the year, it will take considerably longer to develop an effective population of desirable microorganisms. Once they are well established, they may produce sufficient metabolic heat so that the temperature of the tank will be above that of the surrounding area. In extremely cold areas, it might be desirable to add heating coils to the tank to heat the water. Of course, such a treatment would only be economically feasible where heat was available at a low cost.

OXYGEN. In a small laboratory test, we have found that the aerobic bacteria quickly lose their vitality if they are held just above freezing in the presence of grease if oxygen is excluded from the mixture. Under natural conditions this situation would be expected to occur only rarely. The only time that one might expect oxygen deficiency is when the treatment is started during winter in a tank which already has the surface covered with a solid layer of grease and, if the amount of incoming water to the tank (which would bring in aerated water) is low. Such conditions might occur over a holiday. The best method of preventing this is to pump the tank before PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products are added to the grease trap. Once a desirable culture of bacteria has been established, there should be no problem.

CHEMICALS. Occasionally materials harmful to the growth of bacteria may be dumped into the grease trap. Some of the commonly used chemicals which are harmful are Clorox, quartenary ammonium salts and chelating agents, (scale removers). If these solutions enter the tank for several days in large quantities, they may kill off the desirable culture of microorganisms. It may then be necessary to inoculate the tank with a culture once the trap is free of the offending chemicals.

ADVANTAGES. The advantages of having PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE are: (1) The conversion of grease into products which can be harmlessly discharged into the sewer line; (2) Lessening of grease trap odors; (3) Reduction of insect problems, and (4) Improvement in the flow in sewer lines leading from the trap.


It is now a well established fact that all excreta in a septic tank contain myriads of microorganisms which in growing will destroy all animal and vegetable matter, converting them into liquids and gases. These microorganisms, which are known by various names such as germs, microbes, bacteria, etc., war upon each other relentlessly. If we give the friendly ones a chance, they will kill off the unfriendly or disease producing kind. If we give the friendly ones "food" such as the ingredients in PURE ONE DRAIN CLEANER, they can rapidly multiply and destroy not only sewage sludge, but the disease and contaminating ones that cause plumbing back-ups, septic tank malfunction, and possible spread of unwanted disease.




A septic tank functions as follows: As the sewage flows slowly through the tank and the solid matter settles to the bottom and leaves as almost clear effluent which is disposed of by sub-irrigation the process is naturally completed. Bacterial action within the tank coverts most of the solid matter (called sludge) into liquid or gas, thus reducing its volume until only a small amount is finally left at the bottom.

The sludge from septic tanks is digested under aerobic conditions which result from the activities of two groups of bacteria which are capable of living in the same environment. One group, which is normally present in large numbers in sewage, attacks the complex organic substances, the fats, carbohydrates, and proteins and converts them to simple organic compounds. This group includes many acid forming bacteria which form fatty acids such as acetic and propionic, and these are called organic acids.

The second group of organisms of importance in an aerobic sludge digestion include those which form methane and carbon dioxide by using the acid, ammonia, and other products of the first group of bacteria. The methane formers reproduce more slowly than do the acid formers and also require a rather narrow Ph range of from 6.5 to 8.0. Fortunately the acid produced by the first group is overcome by the buffering action of the other anaerobics upon soaps and proteins.

In actively digesting sludge, the bicarbonates will be produced in sufficient amounts to allow harmonious action of the two types of bacteria. It should be pointed out that the bacteriology of sludge digestion is more complicated than indicated above. Other bacteria are also involved in the complex processes which result in methane and carbon dioxide and other gases present in smaller amounts in the digester gas. Water also enters into the reaction, which accounts for the fact that the total gas production is often greater than the reduction of the volatile sludge solids.

It is apparent that a mass of raw sludge will be acted upon by the first group of organisms and acidity will rapidly appear, with pH values at 5.1 to 6.8. Bad odors, foaming and floating of the sludge will sometimes occur. Such conditions may be expected in a new sludge digestion septic tank unless special operating procedures are followed, or until well digested sludge has accumulated to the extent that organisms of the second group have been able to gain ascendancy. It is at this point, an accelerant should be added to feed the necessary bacteria and produce a functioning system. PURE ONE DRAIN CLEANER contains the "food" that the first group of bacteria need to gain plurality and overtake the odor causing bacteria. Once they have done so, there should be no serious problems unless the ascendance of harmony of action has been disturbed. Regular application of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEANER into the drains of the household will constantly maintain the correct balance of bacteria necessary to keep the septic system functioning properly. The proper relationship is then maintained so that there is a proper relationship at all times between incoming raw sludge and sludge which has progressed well into the second stage of digestion.

As previously indicated, an alkaline pH must be established and maintained for rapid digestion. In an actual septic tank, raw solids are being added daily, and these will cause acidity which may interfere materially with digestion of the large amount of older solids. If, however, the volume of incoming raw solids is so small that their acidity will not cause the pH of the whole mass to fall much below 7.2, digestion will proceed rapidly without foaming or disagreeable odors. It is usually impossible to insure that the amount of solids is not greater than the older, established sludge matter, so it is imperative that a regulator be added on an ongoing basis, to keep the pH level within the acceptable range. The use of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEANER will keep your system in top performance, it will eliminate, naturally, the odor that is a part of the bacterial process.


PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE uses only natural, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable plant extracts prepared by a special technique to preserve the potency of a newly discovered cell stimulant. A liquid organic, nutritional, bio-catalytic agent.


The performance of PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE as described herein, will prove to be 100% reliable when conducted by PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE personnel.

- SAFE -

PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) cleared to be 100% non-toxic to bacteria, fish, plants, animals and people.


PURE ONE GREASE TRAP SERVICE products act as a catalyst which immediately stimulates the metabolism and growth of micro-organisms, accelerating nature’s biodegrading process.

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