This test area is located on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in Southern California,and the test was conducted in the summer of 1988. The area contains dry thick brush that ranges from 1 to 2 feet high. The wind was 8 mph with 15 mph gusts and a temperature of 89 degrees. The base fire department routinely conducts prescribed burns on the wild land brush, under the guide lines of the State Wild life Management Authority, California Department of Forestry and the Environmental Protection Agency. The test using FLAMEOUT #1000 fire retardant was conducted in concert with the aforementioned governmental agencies. This was one of two tests conducted of this type. The objective was to test FLAMEOUT in two different types of brush and terrain environments..

The green color strip shows the area that was treated three weeks previous to the date of the burn. An 8 feet wide and 200 feet fire break of FLAMEOUT was sprayed on this area with a green dye added to mark the area that was treated. A gasoline powered pump sprayer was used with a spraygun and flow tip equal to the same specification as used in the sprinkler heads delivery system that is offer to the public as a fire prevention service. The sprinkler system is designed to cover a width of 50 feet to 100 feet. This test will be conducted to show that an 8 feet wide by 200 feet fire break can be effective in stopping a ragging fire. Note the wooden stakes marked the edge of the treated area. After a couple of weeks the ultraviolet rays from the sun caused the green color dye to fade away.

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