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[Product Image]GLASS GLO

Glass Window, Mirror, Tile Cleaner

Water Based Formula
No Harmful Chemical Additives
More Grease Cutting Power
More Strength For Light & Heavy Duty Cleaning

100 % Safe to the Environment, Pets and People!!!

P.U.R.E. O.N.E. GLASS GLO is a revolutionary new glass, window, and mirror cleaner. Safe to use around humans and animals, P.U.R.E. O.N.E. GLASS GLO is also completely safe to the environment. Non-toxic, and biodegradable, GLASS GLO will not add to the growing problem of pollution, and will not harm our planet or the air we breath. All other glass cleaners contain caustic, toxic chemicals such as ammonia. These chemicals can be deadly when swallowed. We need not have these chemicals in the cleaning products we use to achieve the desired results. P.U.R.E. O.N.E. GLASS GLO cleans and polishes windows, mirrors, glass, stainless steel, tile and porcelain surfaces as well or better that any other product on the market, safely.

Place trigger sprayer on bottle, tighted securely and shake well. Select spray mode on nozzle.

Spray a fine mist over entire surface, spread at once and polish dry. For best results use two paper towels or dry, lint free cloths. Wipe off the soil with the first and polish with the second. Change towels or cloths when dirty to avoid redeposit of soil. Do not use on polished wood surfaces or auto bodies unless made of fiberglass. Shake before using.

Pour GLASS GLO into a bucket and clean surface with a sponge or soft cloth soaked in GLASS GLO. Wipe dry with squeegee, clean cloth or paper towel.

Hose glass surfaces to remove lightly attached soil. Scrub with sponge or cloth soaked in GLASS GLO. Dry with a squeegee, clean cloth or paper towel. GLASS GLO May be applied by spraying directly on glass surfaces and then cleaned by using a squeegee or clean cloth.

GLASS GLO is an excellent cleaner for Plexiglass. Take care not to scratch surface with soil deposits. Wipe free of dirt with clean, dry cloth before cleaning. Some hard fiber paper towels can scratch "softer than glass" surfaces.

GLASS GLO removes soap film from all glass, fiberglass, and porcelain surfaces. GLASS GLO leaves surfaces clean and smooth, inhibiting soap film build-up.


Glass, Mirrors, Windows, Tile, Stainless Steel & Chrome Surfaces,
Laminated Plastic Tables, Desks, Counters, Ceramic Tile, Shower Doors,
Outdoor Plastic Furniture, Porcelain Sinks - Tubs -
Fiberglass Tubs - Shower Stalls, ETC.

Caution: This product is not harmful to children, but as a general practice, it is advisable to keep all cleaning supplies out of their reach as most other cleaning products can be dangerous. Children should always be protected from accidental ingestion of dangerous liquids. This product is safe for use and complies with Regulatory Guidelines as described in the MSDS Regulatory Appendix and OSHA Guidelines for non-hazardous, non-toxic chemicals.

CONTENTS: Water based formula with no harmful chemical additives.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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