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[Product Image]FlameOut "Pro"

FlameOut "Pro" is the latest in fire coverings and fire protective components, manufactured by the makers of FlameOut Home and Industrial Fire Retardants. FlameOut "Pro" was developed to provide fire protective coverings for the motion picture industry and has been expanded to include other industries that require protective shielding from flames and heat.

FlameOut is described in detail in the later portions of this Marketing Manual. For more information, contact your distributor.


FlameOut "Pro" Product Description

FlameOut "Pro" products are organic (wool, cotton, etc.) materials that are treated with FlameOut Fire Retardant, which are layered to provide heat insulation, and are then constructed to the customer’s specification for his application. Examples of these products are as follows:

Any combination of cotton, denim, duck, burlap, or wool, with an inner pad of endurolator padding can be sewn into products to be used as a protective coverings, for equipment, people and areas. Examples of finished products are as follows:

These products can be constructed with the number of plies and dimensions that best fits the customer’s need and expected use. The examples given are intended only as examples and in no way limits the intended uses or designs that a customer may require.


FlameOut Pro can be used in any application where flame retardant fabric would benefit the situation. Add the fact that padding, in the form of flame retardant treated endurolator pad, which will add a significant barrier against heat, and the uses are unlimited. Let your imagination run wild. Some of the suggested uses follow:

The uses are unlimited. Cover expensive cameras and equipment, that may be exposed to heat and flame. Cover areas that may receive showers of sparks and burning embers. Issue to personnel as safety barriers, in those unusual flame producing situations.

Bags can be manufactured, to place scripts, personal effects, valuables, etc., to protect those things that are necessary, but should not be put at risk during flame and heat producing situations.

Protective clothing for personnel around the burn location, as well as the principles involved with the burn. Flame retarding coveralls, shirts, trousers, and jackets are only a few of the applications.

Protect those items that are in harms way, with custom made covers and wraps.

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