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Flameout 3000 Demonstration Burn Video (Windows Media)

FLAMEOUT #3000 Paint Additive is a fire RETARDANT that is available in powder form and is especially formulated as an additive for standard water based acrylic paints. It will not affect the characteristics or quality of the original paint. The only change will be the increase of the flame retardancy of the paint. You can add it to any color, any quality, any type and any quantity of paint as long as you follow the approved mixing instructions.

This product is designed for only water based acrylic paints.


Add FLAMEOUT PAINT ADDITIVE in desired quantity to paint. Using electric mixer, blend until powder is homogeneously mixed thoroughly in paint (approximately 3-5 minutes depending on speed and type of mixer.) Paint can now be applied according to instructions. 5- 10 ounces of water to acrylic paint maybe added to thin paint for easier application or for spray application.

United States Testing Company, ASTM-E84 "Standard method of test for surface burning characteristics of building materials". Meets standards of UL 723, NFPA No. 255, 42-1, Class A

10 Years.

WARRANTY: PUREONE ENVIRONMENTALLY PRODUCTS warrants that every precaution has been taken to maintain the purity of the Product’s ingredients and the high standards of manufacturing, that as packaged, sealed and shipped from our plant, the product will perform as claimed in every respect. However, because PUREONE ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS cannot retain control nor exercise supervision over trans-shippers and intermediate handlers during and after transit, and because the degree and number of variables that may be encountered in the skills of applicators or in the physical conditions under which the product may be applied, or in the condition of the materials to which applied, specific warranties are limited to the quality of the product as indicated by the test that it has undergone.

Keep out of reach of children. If product contacts eyes, flush with water for 20 minutes. Contact physician immediately.

Through Authorized PUREONE Environmental Product Distributors World Wide




"Safeguarding the public trust" means that our federal, state and local governments must be ever aware of the safety of their citizenry. For this reason, public laws now require that fire retardant paint be used in areas of public access ways near entrances, exits and stairwells. Any areas where fire hazard may be a potential.

In the past, fire retardant paints were often considered "specialty paints" frequently with high price tags. Now you can eliminate all of those concerns in one clean brush stroke.

Using whatever water based acrylic paint that you desire, the simple addition of FLAMEOUT #3000 PAINT ADDITIVE, converts your paint into a flame retardant paint at far less the cost of any existing flame retardant paint now on the market.

FLAMEOUT #3000 PAINT ADDITIVE is a revolutionary product that greatly impacts the paint industry as we know it, by having the ability to turn any water based acrylic paint into a flame retardant paint creates an easy way to accomplish a goal that many have tried to achieve, but until now have been unsuccessful.

The entertainment industry is a prime example of a place where fire safety must be a #1 priority both in theaters where the finished product is offered to the public, and on the sets and locations where professionals practice their craft. The many aspects of creating an illusion can be dangerous. To begin with, miles of electrical cable wind around everywhere. Hot lights are a necessity. Human beings are often times very careless. These ingredients create a potential hazard that must be addressed.

Secondly, many special effects are used to create fantastic illusions. These can be essential to the story line and what makes a truly great film, but when a spectacular scene is created, inherent dangers must be addressed prior to filming. By using FLAMEOUT #3000 PAINT ADDITIVE in all the paint used on scenery for each set that is created, the danger of fire is greatly reduced. Paint without FLAMEOUT #3000 PAINT ADDITIVE acts as an accelerant to fire and allows it to travel along a surface. By slowing the rate of travel, fire danger is greatly reduced. This is exactly what FLAMEOUT #3000 PAINT ADDITIVE does. Prepare ahead of time. Create the safest environment possible. It is far more economical to spend a little time and money up front, than to pay a great deal later on. The cost of creating an illusion can be great, but if fire destroys it, and that special scene must be recreated from scratch, the cost can be prohibitive. Your objective is to manage a fire control solution for the special effects with fire. Give yourself the extra insurance that FLAMEOUT #3000 PAINT ADDITIVE provides. Protect your illusion and control your fire solution.

Fire retardant paint is produced and designed to fire retard water based latex acrylic paints. It is not meant to be a fire retardant for the materials that it is applied to. For the safety of the set and people alike, it is recommended that the materials to be painted be treated with a fire retardant, before applying any paint or other coatings. FlameOut offers a line of fire retardant products to effectively treat the material that is to be painted. FLAMEOUT #1000 is recommended for all natural materials and FLAMEOUT #5111 is recommended for use on synthetic materials.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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