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100 % Safe to the Environment, Pets and People!!!

PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR is a biocatalytic system consisting of a unique concentration of biologically derived agents in a low surface tension base. PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR is a product resulting from years of extensive research and testing representing the latest in modern biological technology. PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR acts as a catalyst which immediately stimulates the metabolism and growth of microorganisms, accelerating nature's biodegrading process at an exceedingly rapid rate. PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR acts by stimulating the metabolism of microorganisms. This stimulation is quite general and affects aerobic, anaerobic and faculative organisms. This enhanced metabolism enables bacteria to rapidly degrade grease and oil to carbon dioxide, water and simple salts. This enhanced action also quickly eliminates putrefactive odors and even certain chemical odors. PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR also enables microorganisms to metabolize certain organic compounds such as phenolics, chlorinated hydrocarbons and amines, which are normally only very slowly metabolized.

PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR is a natural non-toxic 100% biodegradable plant extract prepared by a special technique to preserve the potency of a newly discovered cell stimulant. A liquid concentrate, organic multi- nutrient, bio-catalytic agent.

Regular use of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR provides economical, cost effective preventive maintenance for all sewage and drain systems.

Performance by PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR of the function as specified herein is more apparent immediate, and permanent, that that of any other known agent intended for such usage.

PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR is EPA cleared to be 100% non-toxic to bacteria, fish, plants, animals and people.

Why is PURE ONE required?
Most sewer lines, and cesspools, have a complete population of microorganisms which potentially are capable of digesting organic matter. Unfortunately, under most natural conditions, the bacteria quickly become inhibited by metabolic products and thereafter perform at a very low metabolic rate. To return the microorganisms back to their normal optimal rate, a special stimulant is needed. This is provided by PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR.

Is the Stimulation by PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR Natural?
The cell stimulant in PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR is not a synthetic chemical; it is the same stimulant which is present in microorganisms, plant and animal cells. When used as directed, it will increase the metabolism of a cell to its normal maximal rate. However, in contrast to an untreated population of microorganisms in which the metabolic rate generally falls off rapidly to a very low level, microorganisms treated with a continuous supply of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR maintain the maximal metabolic rate as long as PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR is added to the system.

Is the Stimulant in PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR Stable?
PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR maintains its potential potency under normal storage conditions for many years. Although the actual stimulant is very labile, the precursor form is very stable. During the conditions of normal use of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR, the stable precursor changes into the active stimulant. Very rarely conditions and factors necessary for the conversion may be lacking. In these cases, please consult the manufacturer for specific details for making this conversion.

Being made from natural products which have for many years been recognized as safe and which have in fact been used as components of food products, PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR is one of the safest materials available. However, since PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR is a potential source of cell regulator, the effect on the microorganism depends upon the concentration used. In fact, the dose response would be similar to that of any hormone. As abnormally high concentrations, PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR will suppress metabolism in cells; at a lower level it will very markedly stimulate the metabolism of cells.


For preventive maintenance, use four ounces of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR per week, using a different drain each week.

Drains: Clear sluggish drains. Pour one cup of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR into the drain nearest the sewer. The following day, repeat the application pouring 8 ounces of the product down each of the various drains in the house.

Septic Tanks: Help motivate and regulate your bacteria. Pour into the tank one gallon of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR per 600 gallons of tank capacity.

Leach Field: It is possible to revive a drain field to percolation even after it has been compacted. Spray one gallon of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR per 100 square feet of field area to deodorize the field and restore absorption capacity.


A chronically restricted 38 inch sewer line with only a 4 to 8 inch effective diameter was cleared of 20 years accumulation of grease and silt by daily injecting 2 quarts of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR into a drain leading into the line. Improvements in flow rate occurred within a week. Softening of the older deposits took 3 months. The program was cost effective.


A rural school district's septic system has ceased functioning causing the leach field to overflow continuously. Construction of new sewage and drainage facilities were proposed at a cost in excess of $20,000. 5 gallons of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR was added directly to the septic tank and within 24 hours all overflowing had ceased and odors eliminated completely. Regular application of PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR provided cost effective preventive maintenance and all plans for new system construction were abandoned.



Lush growth, Effluence, Odor, House back-up

Damaged, Overloaded, or Misused system

Understanding your system, Home water conservation,


Household sewage is everything a family flushes down the toilet and washes down the drains. It equals about 60% of the material that goes through the system.

The main ecological reason for having a septic tank is to protect the leach field soil from compacting quickly. The septic tank is in some ways a miniature ecosystem, which is only made effective by the positive bacteria which reside there. These bacteria will flourish or struggle to do their job depending on circumstances such as these: Water temperature, Amount of oxygen, Rhythm of the water, Chemicals used by the household, Acidity present, Family diet, Etc. For instance, bacteria like temperatures between 70 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. As the temperature lowers, the bacterial action decreases. Septic tanks have been improved in shape with compartments, baffles, and manholes. The size and design allow solids to settle or float out of the waste water to be digested by microbes.

The leach field or drain field is the last step in your septic system. After the sewage has been digested and broken down by bacteria in the septic tank, water carries it through the distribution box and into the leach field. It is then absorbed into the soil.

Everything you put down your drains will have a positive or adverse effect on your septic system. You must treat the microbes in your septic tank well if you want them to respond efficiently and digest sewage promptly and thoroughly. Give them food they can eat; don't poison them.

1. Soaps, detergents, bleaches, cleaners, lye, to name a few, can be fatal to your bacteria. A good rule of thumb; use as few chemicals as possible.

2. Grease is a detriment. If the pipe between the house and septic tank is long and curved and you habitually pour grease down your drain, eventually that grease will accumulate at the turn, harden, and cause back-up into the house. If that grease finds it's way to the leach field, sludge may result, causing compaction.

3. Septic tanks will treat sewage more completely when water use is low. If water pours through the drains continuously and rapidly, the tank overloads, resulting in excess water and large pieces of undigested waste pushing into the drain field clogging the soil. The modern flush toilet alone uses 5 to 7 gallons of water to flush about 1 pound feces and/or about a pint of urine. Keeping water usage to a minimum will give the soil surfaces more time to aerate.

4. Waste brines from water softeners can change the clays in your drain field resulting in compacted soil.

5. B E W A R E of any product said to clean septic tanks. Many of these products temporarily precipitate solids--giving the illusion of success. Instead, they cause a solid bulk that is more difficult for bacteria to eat as well as changing the acidity of the water to such a degree that bacteria perish.

The inability of a septic tank system to work for a long life can only be from misuse or neglect. Symptoms of a problem indicate a need for concern, but not hopeless abandonment of your system. In most cases your problem can be corrected WITHOUT pumping and exorbitant cost.

First, using the information in this article, assess the source of your problem and follow the guidelines. If you still have questions and/or problems, contact our main office to receive personal counsel.


By using PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR in your septic system, you can conquer major problems and keep a good maintenance program with complete safety, easy application, and minimal cost.

CAUTION: No special precautions need to be taken by the user when working with PURE ONE DRAIN CLEAR. All natural, no chemical additives. Non-toxic, environmentally safe. Not harmful if swallowed.

CONTENTS: Proprietary water based formula with no harmful chemical additives.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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