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Clear & Clean

PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN is a biocatalytic system consisting of a unique concentration of biologically derived agents in a low surface tension base. PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN is a product resulting from years of extensive research and testing representing the latest in modern biological technology. PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN acts as a catalyst which immediately stimulates the metabolism and growth of microorganisms, accelerating nature’s biodegrading process at an exceedingly rapid rate. PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN acts by stimulating the metabolism of microorganisms. This stimulation is quite general and affects aerobic, anaerobic and facultative organisms. This enhanced metabolism enables bacteria to rapidly degrade grease and oil to carbon dioxide, water and simple salts. This enhanced action also quickly eliminates putrefactive odors and even certain chemical odors. PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN also enables microorganisms to metabolize certain organic compounds such as phenolics, chlorinated hydrocarbons and amines, which are normally only very slowly metabolized.

100% Safe to the Environment, People and Pets.

"Keeping lakes clean"

Fringed by fragrant firs and cedars or ringed by docks and houses, lakes add beauty and recreational opportunities to our lives. They are also home to a wide variety of living things. Whether we live on the shores of a lake or on a hillside whose rainfall drains into a stream or storm drain, all of us can help protect our lakes from pollution.

Lakes may seems peaceful.... but in facts they are the scene of constant change. Some changes are natural, but people also accidentally affect lakes. One person may cause small changes; all of us together may alter a lake beyond recognition. Water flows into lakes from streams and storm drains, trickles from surrounding land surfaces and seeps in from the ground. Unwanted materials may enter a lake in the same way, some may have come from your home.

The biggest problems in lakes result from excess nutrients and toxic chemicals. Since lake’s living creatures are interdependent, a change in any one factor (such as sediment or sunlight) can upset the entire system.

Excess nutrients may sound like a good thing, and they are for algae. When the nitrogen from your lawn fertilizer leaches into a lake, algae thrive just as your lawn does. Phosphorous may help clean your car, but when it is washed down a storm drain into a lake it also helps algae rampant.

Few people enjoy the sights of a green algae scum coating a lake’s surface. Worse yet are the blue-green algae, which offend the nose as well as the eyes, release toxins, and clog water filters.

Larger lake plants, as well as algae, appreciate extra nourishment, they express their gratitude by embracing the legs of swimmers and wrapping themselves around boat motors.

Excessive plant growth harms lakes in more subtle ways, too. When plants die, bacteria in the lake set to work decomposing them. But most bacteria need oxygen just as we do. In breaking down plant material, bacteria rob water of dissolved oxygen need to support tiny floating animals ( zooplankton), snails, inset larvae, and fish. When all the oxygen in the water is consumed anaerobic bacteria take over, releasing offensive, toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide. The more dead plant material a lake contains, the less oxygen it will have available to support life.

Regular use of PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN provides economical, cost effective preventative maintenance for all lakes and ponds.

Performance by PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN of the function as specified herein is more apparent immediate and permanent, than that of any other known agent intended for such use.

The cell stimulation in PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN is not a synthetic chemical; it is the same stimulant which is present in microorganisms, plant and animal cells. When used as directed, it will increase the metabolism of a cell to its normal maximal rate. However in contrast to an untreated population of microorganisms in which the metabolic rate generally falls off rapidly to a very low level, microorganisms treated with a continuous supply of PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN maintain the maximal metabolic rate as long as PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN is added to the system.

PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN maintains its potential potency under normal storage conditions for many years. Although the actual stimulant is very labile, the precursor form is very stable. During the conditions of normal use of PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN, the stable precursor changes into the active stimulant. Very rarely conditions and factors necessary for the conversion may be lacking. In these cases, please consult the manufacturer for specific details for making this conversion.

PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN is EPA cleared to be 100% non-toxic to bacteria, fish, plants, animals and people

Being made from natural products which have for many years been recognized as safe and which have in fact been used as components of food products, PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN is one of the safest materials available. However since PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN is a potential source of cell regulator, the effect on the microorganism depends upon the concentration used. In fact, the dose response would be similar to that of any hormone. At abnormally high concentrations, PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN will suppress metabolism in cells; at a lower level it will very markedly stimulate the metabolism of the cells.

NOTE: No special precautions need to be taken by the user when working with PURE ONE CLEAR AND CLEAN. All natural, no chemical additives. Non-toxic, environmentally safe. Not harmful if swallowed.

CONTENTS: Proprietary water based formula with no harmful chemical additives.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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