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How sure would YOU be if this is what you saw in your rearview mirror?

Now you CAN be sure with Breath Test!

Product Introduction

BREATH TEST is a product that eliminates odor. Now, we can say verbally that it eliminates odor in the mouth and we will emphasize that very strongly. We express this action as an "aerobatic odor eliminator."

The thing that we have noticed in test marketing, is that we must continue to emphasize odor elimination, because most people think of odor elimination as Certs, Binaca, etc., as elimination, rather than cover up odors. They think that if you have another smell, you have gotten rid of the odor, when in fact that is not the case. Some cover-ups make the odor more intense. We have found that the reaction of people initially is, well yes, okay. This happens when you stress the word eliminates, and explain that it uses a natural process in the mouth to eliminate the odor.

BREATH TEST eliminates alcohol smell, and that is the primary thing that we are going after. Alcohol, and obvious eating type smells. The real market that we are going after is the market for the people who take an occasional drink, go down to the liquor store to get beer after they have had a couple, and so forth. A guy taking his wife, girl friend or significant other out to dinner with the kids. They have a glass of wine before dinner, one with dinner, and an after dinner drink. Legally, they are drunk in most states. What this product is meant to do, is to make the law fair. Level the playing field. The law is really extreme right now, it is really meant to take the drunk driver off the road, which we support 100%, but you can't legislate a law against a minority without it being unfair to the majority. The true drunk driver does not care how he smells so he will probably not want this product anyway.

The majority of people on the road are not drunk. This product makes it more fair for those people who are quite capable of having 2 or 3 drinks over the course of an evening, and driving home. We do know just as there are drunk drivers on the road now, there will be people who misuse this product just as people misuse alcohol. But this product is basically designed, offered and developed for the majority of the people.

BREATH TEST is made out of Food Grade Kelp. It is an exclusive product of PURE ONE ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS. it is totally natural and organic. Keep it out of direct sunlight, shake it well before using, and it will last on application for up to three hours.

Now, everyone is going to ask whether it will reduce your reading on the breathalyzer test. We have found that in some cases there is a reduction in the reading, but the product is designed and recommended for use to eliminate the smell. The fact is, the law officers know the number of people who have been drinking that are on the road from nationally published statistics. So if you are stopped, and no alcohol can be detected on your breath, the chances are great that you will not be detained for further testing. So if you are pulled over and stopped at a sobriety check point and there is no alcohol on your breath, along with the passengers in your vehicle, the chances are 99 out of 100 that you will not be detained further. This has been proven in some 50 cases so far. We have been testing the product in several different areas for the last several years.

Our introduction of this product to the market is priced inexpensive and is meant to be quite affordable for everybody. If you drink wine, hard liquor or beer and drive at all, you should use BREATH TEST. It eliminates any alcohol odor from you breath rather than cover it up like all other types of products that are available. This product makes the latest drunk-driving laws more fair to the guy who has only had one or two beers and is not drunk.

The Law and How It affects YOU!!

Did you know that :


Breath Test offers Lasting Freshness

Depend On It!

Ingredients 1 Fluid Oz. Directions
  • All Natural
  • All Organic
  • Made of Food-Grade Kelp & Water
  • Contains No Chemicals or Harmful Additives
  • 3 Sprays Will Eliminate Most Aerobic Odors Including Food and Alcohol For Up To 3 Hours.
  • Repeat As Needed.
  • Keep Cool And Out of Direct Sunlight. (Below 130 Degrees F.)
Manufactured By

P.U.R.E. O.N.E.

Breath Test - Levels the playing field for YOU

Information you should know about being arrested for drunk driving


Attorney fees--Average Minimum $2500.00
Minimum court imposed fine $1500.00
Mandatory AA program-attend for 18 months $1000.00
Court imposed restriction - 90 days on drivers license  
Dept. of Motor Vehicle restriction or suspension of license for 1 year  
Insurance canceled or premium tripled  
Jail time-24 hours to 5 days  
If a minor under 14 years of age is in the car, an additional $500.00 and/or jail time
Dept. of Motor Vehicle or court may impound your car  
5 year court imposed probation  
Total $5,500.00

You don't want to even know about the second or third arrest!

Ordering Information

Box of 6, 1oz. Bottles $53.94 + Shipping & Handling
Box of 40, 1oz. Bottles $319.60 + Shipping & Handling
To order please send an email with your name, address, phone number and quantity to Pureoneintl@hotmail.com

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