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We at PUREONE ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS, it’s GROUPS and DIVISIONS, are committed to provide the best and most effective and safe chemicals to the world. We are also committed to develop more environmentally safe chemicals in addition to the current line of products that are presently offered and in development. We also plan to continue to expand our world wide network of distributors of our line of products. We are committed to environmentally safe chemicals that are safe for the people, pets, animals and the environment.



PURE ONE ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. was established in 1980 with the goal of developing into a leader in environmentally safe chemicals and innovative specialty chemical products.  The first line of products developed was the FLAMEOUT™ fire retardant products that were show-cased to the country on the TODAY SHOW morning television program.  Since then, FLAMEOUT™ has been sold and used all over the world and is the product of choice for most television and movie construction sets and scenery.  We developed a unique enzyme product that demonstrated superior odor elimination properties and waste neutralization abilities.  We marketed these products under the brand name of X-OUT ODOR™ and DRAIN CLEAR™.  These products quickly gained worldwide appeal and became a leader in this industry. 

This category of products evolved into a line of bio-remediation products for the application in water and soil.  We developed a product system, PETRO-X-CLEAN™, that bio-remediates soil in place very economically and effectively.  The product system was designed to effectively bio-remediate petroleum-contaminated soil.  The success of this system was responsible for the development of a product system capable of treating and remediating contaminated water.  The product CLEAR-N-CLEAN™ was able to clean up contaminated water and eliminate undesirable odor. As a result of the success of this treatment system, it was observed that the life forms were enhanced in the bodies of water that were being bio-remediated. This experience created the platform for the development of an AQUACULTURE system of products.  These products are branded as O2 MEGA PURE,™ OXY PURE™ and NUTRI PURE.™  This product system was developed for the application in fish, shrimp and prawn farming.  This system has demonstrated great success in the aquaculture farming industry. 

While attempting to develop an agriculture supplement product line, it was discovered that a particular product reacted with the soil in an unexpected manner that became the beginning of the development of PURE CRETE™ soil stabilizer.  PURE CRETE™ has developed into Pure One’s flagship product.  It is the most revolutionary product of this era and has the potential to impact the entire undeveloped segment of the world.  Responding to the widespread Green movement we have developed a full line of GREEN RIBBON™ cleaning products. 

We have been very successful in developing some specialty products, one being our product named PUREFFIN. ™ This product is effective in clearing paraffin-impaired and blocked oil wells.  This product formula is available for purchase.  We are in development of an ALTERNATIVE FUEL SYSTEM for application in the presently-existing gasoline and diesel engines for automobiles and trucks which number over 250 million in the U. S. alone.

Pure One Environmental, Inc. has Distributors and Representatives that span the Globe. Pure One was founded on the principles and commitment to produce and develop environmentally safe products before it was popular or profitable to do so.  We continue to strive to provide the best products for people, plants, animals and the environment. 


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